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Established in 2011, Advanced Orthopaedics (Pty) Ltd represents Medacta, a world leading manufacturer of orthopaedic implants. Supported by the principles of patient well-being, medical education and healthcare system sustainability, innovation is at the core of the product offering. As with our principal...

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Representing Arthrex - the global medical device leader - Arthromedix is the foremost provider of minimally invasive orthopaedic solutions to the Southern African market. Leading the way in the field of endoscopy, sports medicine, soft tissue reconstruction, arthroplasty, extremities, trauma plating and orthobiologics...

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NeoSpine was established in 2012 from a rich foundation and legacy of experience in the spinal device industry. We are an exclusive distributor of innovative spinal medical devices which are recognised in the global spine industry. Our mission is to improve the lives of...

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Prime Surgical supplies medical device products for vascular surgery and cranio maxillo facial surgery, as well as surgical consumables. Vascular surgery products include vascular grafts, endovascular devices, blood clot management catheters and carotid and femoral patches...

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"Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work" - Vince Lombardi

Established 30 Years ago

SA Biomedical (Pty) Ltd has extensive experience as leading distributor of orthopaedic, spinal, surgical, vascular, urology and cardiology products.


With branches in each major centre, the group has a vast distribution network to support customers.


Adept at building strong customer relationships, with continual investment in service excellence and infrastructure, we strive for sales force effectiveness and superior service delivery utilising the latest version of resource planning, inventory management and quality systems.


With solution-driven products, innovation, quality, clinical reliability and cost-effectiveness are the central features of the products we seek to market in Southern Africa.

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Gerald John

John Bisset

Neil Venter

Clive Potter

Alastair Ronnie
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Market leadership requires market leading people - SA Biomedical hires exceptional people with outstanding capabilities and great potential. We strive to provide a work environment that is supportive, collaborative, respectful and exciting, allowing our people to grow and excel within the company. Growth comes through investment in professional training and feedback, mentoring, and striving for excellence in all that we do. It's all part of our commitment to helping our people succeed. The most valuable learning happens through engagement with your team on an everyday basis.

At SA Biomedical we are committed to our customers and passionate about our products. The business provides a fast-paced, team environment where skills are combined to ensure optimal results. Our people are the business and as such they must share a mutual passion for excellence and achievement.

For more info email careers@sabiomedical.co.za

    Working at SA Biomedical

    Every industry is different, and every customer unique. In the fast paced arena of spines, it is no different. A typical working day at SA Biomedical involves a variety of tasks and activities such as identifying customer needs, offering creative and appropriate product solutions, training, educating and interacting with stakeholders, ensuring timeous delivery of critical stock or making certain that our business infrastructure delivers the levels of effective and efficient service that our industry demands.

    Whether as part of one of our dedicated sales teams, a vital link in our national customer service network or specialist working within our functional divisions your responsibility extends to the lives of the patients. We are privileged to serve as part of a team of customers and organizations whose skills and influence have a life-changing impact on the lives of patients and we are motivated by the opportunity to deliver positive results for them through our work.

    Working at SA Biomedical requires high levels of commitment, enthusiasm and goal-directedness and in return we offer opportunities for career growth and rewards aimed at recognizing the efforts and dedication of our people.

    Growth - A career at SA Biomedical is demanding. We push you to continually stretch, grow and fulfil your potential. The daily challenges never stop testing the limits of your experience and skills. The standard of excellence is high, and the learning curve is rewarding. But growth is not a competition and advancement is based on the merit of your contributions. Your success depends on your commitment to adding value and your impact in doing so.

    SA Biomedical strives to attract and retain top employees who bring varying perspectives and the skills we need to operate in our competitive environment. We aim to fully leverage the talents of our diverse work force to operate within an increasingly diverse marketplace. This supports enhanced relationships between employees and their managers and, ultimately, improved customer interactions.

    In our broad divisions, Sales and Customer Services, we offer careers that are rewarding and flexible, utilizing the diverse skills of our work force to achieve the high standards of business excellence to which we aspire. In identifying candidate employees, we look for four important things:

    Achievement Drive. Our sales and customer services teams strive to deliver distinctive and lasting customer impact. This requires tremendous energy, determination, and judgment, particularly when working with multiple tasks and under the pressure of deadlines. The people best suited to this environment are distinguished by their ability to achieve and exceed expectations and goals.

    Personal impact. You have to be adept at building trusting relationships with customers to gain and grow their support. Our people work closely with a wide range of stakeholders in their daily jobs and it is these interactions and the relationships we form, that set us apart.

    Innovation. Our products are innovative; our people are innovators. We hire people with abilities to think for themselves and to solve problems, working to find the best solution and deliver the best results in any situation.

    Integrity. We are proud of the way we do business in an honest, fair and ethical manner. These values are key to our reputation and our reputation is key to our success. Our code of conduct ensures that our people are the ambassadors of our business practices and that these are always beyond reproach.

    For more info email careers@sabiomedical.co.za

Vision, Mission & Values

Our '2020 vision' is to attain the #1 distributor position by the year 2020


We will achieve our vision by:

  • Providing appropriate investment to support our business growth aspirations
  • Superior service delivery as per interventions (CSD, Theatre, Support Services, Leadership)
  • Sustaining an innovative product pipeline by partnering with equally ambitious principals
  • Industry leader in medical education
  • Delivering a personal approach to our customers combining the spirit of our local companies with the strength of our global partners


Improving patient outcomes by delivering distinctive devices
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