Agile Capital enjoys a diverse investment portfolio across multiple sectors as a key black-owned private equity player in the local market.
“Our preferred investment vehicles provide opportunities to asser meaningful change,” notes Tshego Sefolo, CEO: Agile Capital.
“We are exceptionally pleased with this sizeable transaction that forms ou initial entry into the medical devices industry.”

SA Biomedical is a leading distributor of orthopaedic, spinal, surgica and vascular products focusing on the import, export and distributio of medical devices, instrumentation, consumables and medica equipment.

Tshego Sefolo
Londeka Shezi

The deal sees Agile obtain a 26% stake in the business, with a longter outlook as a shareholder of reference. “Our purchase provide a boost for the company’s empowerment credentials in a sector bot ready for transformation and requiring same,” explains Londeka Shezi director: Agile Capital. “We see this as a growing industry especiall considering the increased need for appropriate healthcare across th country.”

“SA Biomedical has a national footprint with branches in Cap Town, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg and Durban with our head office based in Cape Town,” notes John Bisset, CEO SA Biomedical. “We hold an extensive track record spanning thre decades with a focus on the distribution of innovative products an surgical solutions that assist healthcare specialists in the safe an effective treatment of their patients.”

The medical devices market in South Africa is one of the larges across the continent, being valued at approximately US$1billion i 2015 despite remaining underdeveloped. “This market consequentl holds remarkable growth potential,” holds Sefolo. “Aside from th ever-burgeoning need for healthcare and the shifting disease burden the introduction of the proposed National Health Insurance Schem stands to precipitate a further wave of growth.”

Notwithstanding present ambiguities as to the rollout of the Nationa Health Insurance Scheme in South Africa, the medical device marke is projected to expand by an 8.6% compound annual growth rate ove the next five years, demonstrating the need for enhanced reach an healthcare delivery in the South African market. “Beyond our interest i the kind of expansion both latent and possible in public healthcare, th possibilities for effecting noteworthy impact in the combined market ar exciting and hold the promise of enhancing the competitiveness of a loca company,” says Shezi.

The product range supplied by SA Biomedical is considerable – spannin the supply of knee, hip and shoulder implants, through to fracture plates anchors, screws and surgical instruments – in addition to supportin peripheral product ranges which further complement the core ranges.

“Our existing client base and target market comprises highly skille surgeons including orthopaedics, neurologists, vascular, plastic an maxillo facial specialists,” explains Bisset. “We are positioned to develo and maintain lasting relationships via our extensively trained sales staff populated with qualified biokineticists and kinesiologists.”

Via four primary divisions – Arthromedix, Advanced Orthopaedics NeoSpine and Prime Surgical – the company places high emphasis o medical education through the provision of detailed product support i addition to training at state of the art wet lab facilities, within its custome service offering. “The plasticity offered by the existing operating mode ensures responsiveness to the market, whilst the inherent characteristic of our global partners afford us access to product and procedura innovation,” notes Bisset…

“Significantly, the key skills held by the current staff complement an management will be retained,” notes Sefolo. “We project substantia strategic benefit – and have much appetite for further investment in th healthcare industry.”