Established 30 years ago

SA Biomedical (Pty) Ltd has extensive experience as a leading distributor of orthopaedic, spinal, surgical, vascular, urology and cardiology products. With branches in each major centre, the group has a vast distribution network to support customers.

Adept at building strong customer relationships, with continual investment in service excellence and infrastructure, we strive for sales force effectiveness and superior service delivery utilising the latest version of resource planning, inventory management and quality systems.

A philosophy of partnering throughout the healthcare value chain underscores our commitment to sustainable healthcare delivery. World-class educational resources, committed staff and strong global partners combine with this philosophy enabling us to relentlessly pursue our purpose.

Agile Capital is an astute and principled South African mid-market private equity investment firm with over R1,3 billion of invested capital, offering a solid investment track record and long term growth prospects.

Latest News

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