Corporate Governance

Healthcare Compliance & Ethics

At SA Biomedical we are driven by values that focus on integrity, mutual respect and professionalism. Building trust among our customers and peers is critical to our success.

Recognizing that compliance is a fundamental value and key asset of the company, the SA Biomedical Group is committed to the implementation of a robust compliance program that guides the decision making of all stakeholders, governs marketing and sales activities and is aligned with all applicable local legal and regulatory requirements, as well as the requirements of our international business partners.

More Information:
SA Biomedical Group Compliance Officer
Tel: +27 11 531 5000

Healthcare Compliance

We are committed to ensuring that our collaboration with Healthcare Professionals adheres to the highest ethical and professional standards. We embrace these standards, which are encompassed in the SAMED Code of Business Practice.

More Information:
SA Biomedical Group Compliance Officer
Tel: +27 11 531 5000

Principles of Corporate Governance

We actively manage our compliance risks through the implementation and continuous improvement of regulatory compliance systems and we expect the same from those with whom we do business. All employees receive annual face-to-face compliance training and we assign bi-annual compliance certification training to all members of the Board, senior management, sales and marketing employees. We also require our distributors, sales agents and higher-risk vendors and suppliers to attend healthcare compliance training.

The SA Biomedical Ethics Playbook is issued to all new employees and is accessible on our company intranet. It sets out the basic requirements and principles for carrying out business and applies to employees as well as those who act on the Group’s behalf. It clearly illustrates our expectations in terms of ethical interactions with healthcare professionals and government officials.

Through our company intranet we provide access to a whistle blowing facility which enables any employee to report non-compliant or unethical behaviour anonymously through an independent service provider. All reports are investigated and appropriate action taken; this includes reports to senior management or the Board where warranted. We are committed to a policy of no retaliation against anyone who makes a report in good faith.

Proud Member of SAMED

Compliance with associated regulations assures patient safety and product effectiveness and reinforces a sustainable business model. The SA Biomedical Group is an active member of the South African Medical Device Industry Association (SAMED).

Report Misconduct

SA Biomedical is committed to ethical business practices and respects the obligation of healthcare professionals to make independent decisions regarding medical technologies. To ensure that we meet our commitments, we encourage employees, suppliers, agents, contractors and customers of the Group to anonymously disclose any misconduct of which they may become aware. We are committed to non-retaliation and to maintaining confidentiality within the limits of the law for those who report actual or suspected misconduct in good faith.

The following channels are available to report misconduct

Independent Whistle Blowers
Hotline +27 800 212 138

SA Biomedical Group Compliance Officer
+27 11 531 5000

ISO Certification

Our quality management system provides the foundation for maintaining regulatory compliance, driving improvement and ensuring the highest possible level of safety for our patients. We adhere to the highest standards of operational excellence, distinguishing ourselves not only through our product offering but also through our business practices.

SA Biomedical is fully ISO9001:2015 certified and we constantly explore new ways to improve everything we do.

Consumer Complaints

Product and service complaints may be refered to the Group Distribution Manager

More Information:
SA Biomedical Group Distribution Manager
+27 11 531 5085