Constantly Seeking the Truth

Continuously innovate and grow

We seek to deliver authenticity in every aspect of our brand. In short, to be thought leaders and in the forefront of industry knowledge and information to create valued impact in the lives of patients.

Quality is not negotiable: the products we provide are accredited, tested and certified in accordance with global standards. Furthermore, we capitalise on the expertise of our global partners who continually innovate to shift the standards of the device industry, delivering distinct solutions to the market. 

Our Vision

To create sustainable social and organisational profit, endeavouring to be a trusted partner and fulfil our promise to enhance patient’s lives through improved surgical outcomes.

Our Values


  • Empowerment
  • Culture
  • Ethical


  • Collaboration
  • Communication


  • Commercial Excellence
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Innovation


  • Focused
  • Motivated
  • Learning Organisation
  • Morale
  • Optimisation of performance

Our Mission

We will deliver on our promise through:

Developing ground-breaking approaches to sustainable healthcare delivery;

Capitalising on the expertise of our global partners;

Delivering world-class medical education tailored to our local context;

Investing in our critical resources, most importantly our people, ensuring that their passion for what they do intensifies.

Corporate Governance

Healthcare Compliance & Ethics

At SA Biomedical we are driven by values that focus on integrity, mutual respect and professionalism. Building trust among our customers and peers is critical to our success.

Recognizing that compliance is a fundamental value and key asset of the company, the SA Biomedical Group is committed to the implementation of a robust compliance program that guides the decision making of all stakeholders, governs marketing and sales activities and is aligned with all applicable local legal and regulatory requirements, as well as the requirements of our international business partners.

More Information:
SA Biomedical Group Compliance Officer
Tel: +27 11 531 5000

Report Misconduct

Ethical Business Practice

SA Biomedical is committed to ethical business practices and respects the obligation of healthcare professionals to make independent decisions regarding medical technologies.

To ensure that we meet our commitments, we encourage employees, suppliers, agents, contractors and customers of the Group to anonymously disclose any misconduct of which they may become aware. We are committed to non-retaliation and to maintaining confidentiality within the limits of the law for those who report actual or suspected misconduct in good faith.

The following channels are available to report misconduct

SA Biomedical Group Compliance Officer
+27 11 531 5000

Independent Whistle Blowers
Hotline +27 800 212 138

SA BIOMEDICAL GROUP Manual in Terms of Section 51 of the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000

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